Are you searching for job fulfillment?

We provide job seekers who live with disabilities guidance and support in their job search and working life. Not only do we assist with resumes, applications, and interviews, but also with negotiating reasonable workplace accommodations, social integration with co-workers, and even public transportation to work.

How Hope Services Helps

When you are referred to us, we work as hard as you do to find you a successful employment solution. Whether full-time or part-time, white-collar or blue-collar, indoor or outdoor, we can connect you with a career opportunity that fits your interests and abilities rather than an unsatisfying job that you have to fit into.

Since our funding comes from Vocational Rehabilitation and Agency for Persons with Disabilities, our services are free to job seekers and to employers.


Step One

Client seeking employment

Step TWO

Apply with Vocational Rehabilitation & Agency for Persons with Disabilities processes

Step three

Have VR refer to Hope Services for:
•Evaluation or APD

Step Four

Engage in a meaningful employment opportunity

Ready To Get Started?

The first step in moving forward is to contact your local VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) or Agency for People with Disabilities (APD) office to apply for service.  A VR counselor or APD officer will work with you to determine if you are eligible to receive vocational rehabilitation services.  Once complete, ask your VR Counselor or APD officer to refer you to Hope Services to begin the process of finding a job.

Find Local VR OfficeVisit the APD Website