Pasco County Resources For Persons Living With Disabilities

Are you a parent, guardian, or loved one caring for a person living with a disability?  At Hope Services, we specifically work with those living with disabilities to discover and nurture their potential in the job environment and help them find work that accentuates who they are as a person.  We know that it can be challenging to navigate through unknown territory to both care for and maximize the quality of life for your loved one living with a disability, so we began a podcast to engage in this conversation and help transform the way that we all think about disabilities.

In this podcast episode, Cindy Bray welcomes guests Mike Fasano and Tim Couet, two employees of the local Pasco County tax-collector’s office.

Mike details the many services and opportunities the office provides to help with the local community and those living with disabilities. From details about placards and license plates, renewal information, to a variety of ways in which to obtain one to other services to renewal information, Mike provides valuable information for those recovering from surgery to living with a permanent disability. If you are unable to visit the Pasco County tax office, Tim and his team will gladly accept mailed documents and simply send your placard back to your home address. Best of all, there is no charge for this service!


One of the “ah-hah” moments for Cindy was when she heard Tim and Mike recall a time when a woman who was driving erratically was actually suffering from low-insulin and required medical attention. They talked about how those who are insulin-dependent may not be aware that your driver’s license can reflect this and come in handy during a time of crisis.  


Another tip that was given by Mike and Tim was for parents who are looking to get an ID for their children–something that Cindy had to learn to do while raising her daughter who has a disability.  Before visiting the local tax-collector office, Tim and Mike recommend to parents is to make sure they bring a certified government issued birth certificate, a social security card (if available), and two pieces of mail showing your residential address. These papers will ensure the process goes quickly and efficiently! 


Another great feature of the Pasco County office is that each month a new charity is sponsored. Both Mike and Tim implored local businesses who might be interested in supporting a local charity of their choice to reach out to the Pasco County tax-collector’s office for more information about how to get involved in the community. 


This episode contained many other tips and resources for persons living with disabilities, making it a worthwhile listen especially for parents or guardians who take care of a loved one who lives with a disability.  Even at the end, Cindy was able to share her dream about opening up a training facility that would maximize Hope Services’ effort to help persons with disabilities discover their potential and find ways to self-advocate for themselves in their professional careers.  

Special thanks to Mike Fasano and Tim Couet for joining Cindy for this informative podcast episode!  To visit the Pasco County Tax Collector’s website, go here:


Take-Away: A New Perspective

  • The tax-office offers a variety of services that you may not know about to assist you or someone you know living with disabilities. Be sure to visit the Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office to explore options and ask questions. Whether you are handicapped for life or simply recovering from a surgery, there are many options available to you, so reach out and ask questions!

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