Partnering with Hope Services

Are you a parent, guardian, or loved one caring for a person living with a disability?  At Hope Services, we specifically work with those living with disabilities to discover and nurture their potential in the job environment and help them find work that accentuates who they are as a person.  We know that it can be challenging to navigate through unknown territory to both care for and maximize the quality of life for your loved one living with a disability, so we began a podcast to engage in this conversation and help transform the way that we all think about disabilities.


In this podcast episode, Cindy Bray and Nicole Woodruff welcome James Sutherland, a community consultant who works with non-profit organizations and private sector companies ranging from foster care, addition, senior services, and more. James is passionate about serving and advocating for those in need in the Pasco County and surrounding area and is now partnered with Hope Services.


As we traverse this difficult time due to COVID-19, Cindy, Nicole, and James discuss how we’ve changed how we adapt and help those around us during this transition. During this time, a new-normal has been implemented and the team discusses what getting back to normal is and how we can potentially achieve it. Cindy stresses the importance of what it meant to be there for everyone on her team, including discussing and addressing their concerns over their jobs in this time of uncertainty. Despite the challenge, Cindy and her team went virtual and managed to cover more students in 2 months for pre-placement training than they have in the past 2 years. 

James discusses the importance of businesses taking advantage of Hope Services and partnering with them. He mentions that by partnering with Hope Services, a business is getting a quality employee that changes the culture of the team they’re brought into. These employees are humble, excited to learn, and enthusiastic about their job, and may bring a new perspective to the workplace that may have otherwise been overlooked. 


Take-Away: A New Perspective 

  • It is necessary to stick together during this time of change and help our community and those around us who have been impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Hope Services provides quality back into the community and helps benefit everyone in the area and the state of Florida itself. As Hope Services continues on their virtual pre-placement training, more individuals with disabilities are excited to get into the workplace and add a new perspective to the workforce.

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